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Lockdown Kitchen: Ghost Chilli Con Carne

Ad – this product was complimentary in exchange for a recipe feature.

Are you feeling a little downhearted that your summer travel plans have flopped? Well, fear not!

This dish is packed with enough heat to have you sweating like you’re sprawled out on the beaches of Cancun, and you won’t even feel the jet lag; win-win, right?

Chilli con Carne is my ultimate favourite thing to make; partly because it’s bloody delicious and can be made with as much or as little effort as you fancy putting in, but mostly because I am a fiend for spice, and this bad boy has it in spades.

It’s a very herb and spice-heavy recipe, but don’t let that scare you. If you don’t have all the ingredients in stock, it is also very versatile, as long as you can get your hands on the fundamentals of paprika, cumin and chilli, you’ll be fine!

The chilli that I’m throwing into this tasty treat is Ghost Ship, created by the ridiculously talented Liam at Spice Island Chilli – and trust me; it brings the magic.

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Lockdown Kitchen: Pulled Pork Tacos

As we navigate our way through week seven of lockdown, my days appear to have gradually merged into one endless fog of failed exercise attempts, and 11 am G&T’s; the only way I can even identify the days of the week is by the NHS clap that informs me when it is Thursday.

I have, however, continued to treat the kitchen as my laboratory; experimenting with recipes and flavours in a questionable, and quite frankly, frenzied manner that has seen the invention of some rather terrifying culinary monsters (Mary Shelley would be proud) but I have also had some absolutely marvellous breakthroughs.

With that in mind, I decided that the upcoming Cinco de Mayo event would be the perfect opportunity to sprawl my herbs and spices across the countertop, and delve into the world of Mexican cooking.

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Lockdown Kitchen: Smoking Gun Sausages Recipe

Ad – this product was complimentary in exchange for a recipe feature.

Once upon a time the term ‘voyage’ was used to describe a long journey, often involving perilous travel.

Nowadays, it can refer to the treacherous act we involve ourselves in each week as we wait outside Tesco for an hour, before desperately raiding shelves in search for milk and flour, which, at this point, may as well be treasured gold, often ending with Doris looting your basket of cackle fruit.

Whilst lost in the midst of social distancing blues, I was beyond excited to receive a package from the glorious Spice Island Chilli brimming with sauces to spice up my lockdown kitchen series!

I make a pretty mean sausage casserole (if I do say so myself) but I really wanted to try and create my own new recipe that offered something a bit special – and that’s where Bligh’s Revenge comes in! Get ready to batten down the hatches, friends.

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Lockdown Kitchen: Beer bread recipe.

Things I have learned as a result of the world being catapulted into a global pandemic:

  • Anything is toilet paper if you’re brave enough.
  • Despite popular belief, alcohol is the answer to a lot of things, especially if the question is: what can I use instead of yeast to make bread?

Since half the population appeared to transform into Jonathan Warburton overnight, yeast has become the latest victim of panic buying, which in turn, saw my plans to fill my Instagram with mouth-watering baked goods go a-rye.

Although, I suppose my desire to delve into bakery projects ironically puts me in the same boat as the yeasty boys that are kneading their way through quarantine.

Anyway, back to bread and beer.

Thinking logically, it makes sense that beer is the perfect raising agent – after all, yeast is the microorganism responsible for the fermentation stage in brewing beer (feel free to venture over to my Brewery Day review for more on this!)

I know, I know; there is a certain level of sacrilege in transforming such a precious liquid into a lunchbox filler, so just pick a beer you don’t like!

You will need:

  • 3 cups of self-raising flour
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • One bottle of beer (Budweiser is a good’un!)
  • Melted butter to pour over the top
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