November 14, 2019


Hi, I’m Elly.

I am incredibly fortunate that my professional, and personal life, has been meticulously shaped over the past ten years, by the hospitality industry. 

I have had endless opportunities to work alongside hugely ambitious chefs, be apart of wonderfully energetic front of house teams, serve some beautifully interesting individuals, and obtain invaluable skills from some of the best food and lifestyle brands across the country.

Fork & Vine is a personal tribute to the ever-developing world of food, drink, lifestyle and travel; lovingly crafted through a collection of quirky (and often unconventional) anecdotes that delve into the most distinctive corners of Hampshire and Sussex.

I hope that this blog is an effective expression of how grand life can be when you have a skilfully delivered plate of food and a good glass of vino! 

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All stated opinions on are my own thoughts, reviews and experiences.

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